Saturday, March 31, 2012

Blog Tour and Giveaway: Hellbound by Su Halfwerk

Welcome to my stop for the Hellbound tour.  It features my review of Hellbound, the book trailer, Su Halfwerk's bio, and a giveaway for the ebook and a $25 Amazon certificate.

Hellbound by Su Halfwerk
Genre:  Adult Horror

Description (taken from the Blog Tour):
One-way ticket to Hell.

Bart is a greedy morgue attendant with money on his mind. He gets more than what he bargains for when he chances upon a pain-letter, one he must pass on or bear the consequences of his inaction.

Stan is a chiseler, a fake medium, preying on his unsuspecting clients’ earnings through bogus channeling sessions. When he meets mysterious Joanna Stark, he believes her promises of powers beyond his comprehension, powers blessed by the Netherworld.

Jenna gives up her old life and career to settle down as Troy’s loving wife. He is a God-fearing man who will consent only to marriage. Except fate maps a different ending to their love story, a conclusion that takes them both down and never up again.

Bart, Stan, and Jenna are destined to go on a long and abominable journey that sinks them below their expectations and forces them to endure pain and anguish beyond their worst nightmares.

On the paths leading to the depths of Hell, their sins don’t matter!

This short novel is actually a collection of three people's journey to Hel.  We have Bart the greedy mortician, Stan the lying medium, and Troy the do-gooder-wife-beater.  And let me tell you, their stories on how they ended up in Hell aren't pretty.

The best comparison I can give this book is comparing it to the Final Destination movies.  I love those movies only because of the bizarre outcomes (and the special effects).  This book definitely has a lot of bizarre outcomes, and it is very descriptive.  There were definitely some parts where I was laughing (instead of cringing) because the description was a little too gruesome to imagine.

All in all, I enjoyed this book.  I'd recommend it to people who like horror or reading gruesome details. It definitely makes you think twice before deciding to be a 'bad' person.

Author Bio:  Su Halfwerk
Su Halfwerk writes in the horror and paranormal romance genres. From a tender age, the written word left a strong impression on her, later on terrifying, blood-chilling books became the object of her interest. Su’s style in horror combines shuddery terror with elements of surprise; some would even call it an enigmatic twist. In the world of paranormal romance, she transforms the desire to scare into a quest to seduce and tantalize.

Other books by Su Halfwerk:

The books are available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other online outlets. When not writing, Su is designing book trailers for herself and other authors.
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  1. Manda, Thanks for having me here today and for the review.

  2. Su is such a talent I can't begin to offer enough praise. This woman does so many things, wears so many hats. I plan on getting this book. Hope you all do.

    1. Your kind words truly touched my heart. Thank you so much for stopping by.

  3. Contest over but wanted to leave a comment to say how much I've enjoyed following this, Su. Good luck with the novel. It looks great


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