Monday, March 10, 2014

Witchstruck by Victoria Lamb

Genre:  YA Historical Fantasy
The Tudor Witch Trilogy, Book 1

Description (taken from Goodreads):
If she sink, she be no witch and shall be drowned.

If she float, she be a witch and must be hanged.

Meg Lytton has always known she is different—that she bears a dark and powerful gift. But in 1554 England, in service at Woodstock Palace to the banished Tudor princess Elizabeth, it has never been more dangerous to practise witchcraft. Meg knows she must guard her secret carefully from the many suspicious eyes watching over the princess and her companions. One wrong move could mean her life, and the life of Elizabeth, rightful heir to the English throne.

With witchfinder Marcus Dent determined to have Meg's hand in marriage, and Meg's own family conspiring against the English queen, there isn't a single person Meg can trust. Certainly not the enigmatic young Spanish priest Alejandro de Castillo, despite her undeniable feelings. But when all the world turns against her, Meg must open her heart to a dangerous choice.

Take the scene from the Tudor era and throw in a couple of witches.  Sounds like a good mix, right?  I have to admit that I don't read a whole lot of young adult fiction set in the Tudor era.  But I was super excited when I heard about this one.

Meg has been serving Princess Elizabeth ever since Elizabeth was exiled to Woodstock, a palace in the countryside.  Even though Queen Mary would like nothing better than to put Elizabeth's head on a pike, Elizabeth still sees a future on the English throne.  And she uses Meg, a witch, to see into the future to do everything to make this happens.  But Meg is just an apprentice of a witch, and there are others in her life who would gladly see her fail.

When all was said and done, I felt like the plot was a little small for the size of this book.  I loved seeing Meg and her aunt work magic together and seeing the tragedies that followed them.  However, the amount of magic I saw from Meg left me lacking.  I felt like I got the watered-down version of the Tudor witches.  There just wasn't enough excitement to keep me on the edge of my seat.  And the love interest, Alejandro?  I loved seeing him play a really good supporting character, but there wasn't a whole lot of romance (other than smoky eyes and thin lips - is this really sexy?).

I don't think I'm going to continue this series.  Because what I envisioned wasn't what I got.  And the opinion I'm left with is 'it was okay.'  Check out other reviews if you're considering this one.

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