Saturday, March 15, 2014

Book Release: Only Gingers can be Witches by JA Trevor

My good friend from high school just published his first novel.  And guess what?  It releases today.  Unfortunately, I don't live in Utah anymore and can't go to the signing event.  But I can certainly share the good news with all of my fellow book readers.  I can personally say I enjoy his writing style after having had the opportunity to beta-read one of his other novels.  Go check out his book if it sounds like something you'd like.

Genre:  Middle Grade Urban Fantasy

Description (taken from JA Trevor's website):
Two weeks ago, thirteen year-old Ally Walker would have laughed at the thought of running around in the middle of the night, waving bundles of herbs at imaginary ghosts. But the new girl in town, Hanna Primble, is into that sort of thing.

When the two girls become unlikely friends, Hanna's world of witchery invades Ally's own and turns decidedly dangerous. Flocks of crows descend on the streets, shadow-men stalk Ally's front yard, and a ghoul nests like a spider in the local library's basement. Together, the girls set out to quickly uncover the sinister culprit behind it all–before someone gets hurt.

But then a mysterious stranger emerges from the shadows to snatch Hanna off the streets for use in a nefarious plan. Ally has never had to save anyone before, and isn't sure she's up to the task. In fact, magic in general is out of her experience entirely; because as everyone knows, only gingers can be witches… or can they?

I just ordered my signed copy (from his website).  You guys will be hearing more from me about this one once I get the chance to read it.  I'm proud of my friend!!

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