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The Devil's Triangle by Toni DePalma

Welcome to my stop for The Devil's Temptation tour.  Ever wondered how this series started?  Well, I'll be discussing the first one below to get newbies excited for this book.  I look forward to reading the second one!

The Devil's Triangle by Toni DePalma
Genre:  YA Paranormal Contemporary Romance
The Devil's Triangle Series, Book 1

Description (taken from Goodreads):
When 17 year old Cooper dies in an attempt to burn down his school, he finds himself in the afterlife. Lucy, the Devil's sister who has crossed party lines, decides to give Cooper another shot at heaven. The deal? Cooper returns to Earth and has to find a girl named Grace. The rest is up to him.

While Cooper figures out his mission, he's thrown into the life he's always wanted. Great parents, a spot on the Varsity football team and a real future are all within reach. But what he really wants is Grace, a feisty girl with an abusive boyfriend who can pound Cooper into pulp if he doesn't watch out.

While Lucy plays demonic-puppeteer, clues to an unknown past between Cooper and Grace start to unravel. Cooper discovers that what's keeping him and Grace apart is far more sinister than anything this bad boy could have ever imagined.

After being cleaned up and prepared for the afterlife in Heaven (well, maybe he's going there), Cooper is sent before three angels/judges.  They don't like his previous track record but can see the potential for him to be something more.  So they (or Lucy) offer him a second chance at Heaven.  But what he finds is some people are worth more than your second chance at Heaven.

Cooper lands himself at school in the middle of English class.  He's got a crazy teacher and there's a loner girl that's caught his eye.  After meeting Grace, he finds there's a past that he just isn't quite privy to yet.  And then school ends and his brother, Ryan, has to help him with the home-life front.  But there's just something about Grace and this second-chance that Lucy has given him that just doesn't quite make sense.  And it's something Cooper's going to have to dig deeper on to figure out what's really going on.

This story is told from a boy's point of view.  And I imagine the voice is how we girls want boys to think when they're thinking about girls.  I mean we've got the rusty guy humor, but we've also got the deep-down feelings and romance-y things that some guys deny they have.  The romance between Grace and Cooper was cute.  I was able to follow the story well, and I was rooting for Cooper's plans-of-action to save the day.  However, the whole beginnings of the story (what sets up the plot) is what I had an issue with.  I wasn't sure I understood everything clearly, and I just kind of wanted to push all of the bad stuff away and cheer Grace and Cooper on.

This is truly a cute story filled with romance.  It'd be pure contemporary if it weren't for the pesky Lucy giving Cooper a second chance at Heaven.

Thanks goes to Toni De Palma for providing me a review copy.

The Devil's Tempation by Toni DePalma
Genre:  YA Paranormal Contemporary Romance
The Devil's Triangle Series, Book 2
Amazon | Book Depository | Goodreads

Description (taken from the blog tour):
Fighting the Devil brought Cooper and Grace together. But without a little evil to spice things up, the everyday life of a normal teenager is pretty dull. A summer job crewing on a billionaire’s yacht in sunny Italy might be just the ticket to rekindle passion. While the setting is perfect, the winding, sinister back streets of Naples are also the perfect playground for a scorned Lucifer to wreak havoc. And if evil doesn’t rip them apart, the sultry billionaire’s daughter and the sexy First Officer might be what it takes to finally destroy Cooper and Grace’s love forever.

Ooh, Italy!  I want to see the romance between Cooper and Grace continue to grow.  And fighting the devil means there's going to be some interesting happenings here...

About Toni DePalma
Toni De Palma was born in Brooklyn, New York. As a child she spent many summers in Ischia, the Italian island where her father was brought up. Her first middle grade novel, Under the Banyan Tree, was published in 2007 and selected as a Kirkus New Voices Pick and a New York Public Library Book for the Teen Age. Her second middle grade novel, Jeremy Owl, was published in 2010. Her third book, The Devil’s Triangle, A YA paranormal is getting rave reviews. Toni holds her MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College and she is a recipient of a New Jersey Arts Fellowship. She currently resides in New Jersey.

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