Sunday, December 8, 2013

Hard Eight by Janet Evanovich

Genre:  Adult Mystery
Stephanie Plum Series, Book 8

Description (taken from Janet Evanovich's website):
Fugitive Apprehension Agent Stephanie Plum has a big problem on her hands: Seven-year-old Annie Soder and her mother, Evelyn, have disappeared.

Evelyn’s estranged husband, Steven, a shady owner of a seedy bar, is not at all happy. During the divorce proceedings, he and Evelyn signed a child custody bond, and Steven is demanding the money guaranteed by the bond to find Annie. The money was secured by a mortgage on Evelyn’s grandmother’s house, and the True Blue Bonds Bail Agency wants to take possession of the house.

Finding a kidnapped child is not an assignment for a bounty hunter. But Evelyn’s grandmother lives next door to Stephanie’s parents, and Stephanie’s mother and grandmother are not about to see their neighbor lose her house because of abduction.

Even though Stephanie’s plate is full with miscreants who missed their court dates, including old nemesis and violent drunk Andy Bender and an elusive little old lady accused of grand theft auto, she can’t disappoint Grandma Mazur! So she follows the trail left by Annie and Evelyn– and finds a lot more than she bargained for. Steven is somehow linked with a very scary Eddie Abruzzi. Trenton cop and on-again, off-again fiance Joe Morelli and Stephanie’s mentor and tormentor, Ranger, warn Stephanie about Abruzzi, but it’s Abruzzi’s eyes and mannerisms that frighten Stephanie the most. Stephanie needs Ranger’s savvy and expertise, and she’s willing to accept his help to find Annie even though it might mean becoming too involved with Ranger.

Stephanie, Ranger, Lula (who’s not going to miss riding with Ranger), and Evelyn’s lawyer/laundromat manager set out to find Annie. The search turns out to be a race among Stephanie’s posse, the True Blue Bonds’ agent, a Rangerette known as Jeanne Ellen Burrows, and the Abruzzi crew. Not to mention the fact that there’s a killer rabbit on the loose!

Strap on your helmet and get ready for the ride of your life. Hard Eight. The world of Plum has never been wilder.

Oh my goodness, Stephanie Plum has a strange, strange life.  And it makes for a very amusing story.

Stephanie, the not-so-smart-but-super-lucky bounty hunter, is doing a favor for her neighbor by trying to locate her granddaughter.  Of course in the world of Plum, nothing is as easy at it seems, and everybody has their own scheme to deal with.  While trying to find Evelyn, Stephanie somehow gets her hands messy as she ends up in a web of war games.  But lo and behold, we've got Ranger and Morelli here to save the day.  Only problem is Stephanie only needs one of them, which one will she choose?

I have to say there's a lot of slapstick humor in these stories.  And they're down to earth even though the plots always seem to be bizarre.  I enjoy the humor, but I feel like I'm in a slight slump with Stephanie Plum, and I can't figure out why.  I didn't laugh enough even though the scenes were funny.  I kind of rolled my eyes at Stephanie's ridiculous behavior.  So why didn't I love it like I loved the earlier ones?

I've got to get my hands on the next one and see if I can get myself out of the Stephanie Plum downs.  I know her books are funny, and I enjoy them.  I just want to enjoy them more.

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  1. I really love Stephanie Plum but I have to admit although I just got Takedown Twenty this story is getting just a little tired. I'm ready for her to move on and write more stories for lizzy and diesel.

  2. I've read a couple of the stephanie plum books and really enjoyed them! I think some of them are less funny than the others but something else I think is to blame for is that when you read a couple of her books.. they can't of merge together.. we all want the story to progress and I feel that even with almost 20 books.. the same question is still there.. who will she choose, ranger or Morelli.. maybe if you take a break from the books and come back after a while.. i'm pretty sure you'll enjoy them again.. I tend to read only one every month or so

    - Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf


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