Monday, August 19, 2013

My YA Life in Book TItles

So, these surveys were set up by Jamie at The Perpetual Page-Turner, and I really wanted to participate.  So I'm going to start with this one and catch up with the A to Z Survey some other time.  Hopefully, you guys might learn something about me after reading this (or not if you don't want to).


How would you describe your 16 year old self?  Siege and Storm - I was a mess of a person trying to find out who I was by being what everyone else wanted me to be.
When You Looked Into The Mirror What Did You See:  Shatter Me - I never saw a pretty person back then.
Your 16 your old self outlook on life/motto:  My Soul to Take - What I did back then, it only affected me, right?
How You Think People Would Describe Your Personality:  Tempest

Describe An Insecurity In High School:  The Virgin Suicides - If this isn't obvious, yes I was afraid to die a virgin.
Describe Your Worst Trait As A Teen:  Furious - I had a temper, and I really didn't care who I pissed off.
Describe the contents of your diary/journal:  Some Girls Bite

Your biggest Fear:  Uninvited
You excelled at:  The Pianist - Inasmuch as a person with warped fingers can excel at it (I have amniotic band syndrome if that helps explain my hands).
You were always concerned about:  Escaping Reality
You Thought Your Life Was:  Perfect Lies

Love Life

How would you sum up your high school love life?  Showdown - Anyone who tried to flirt with me got shot down pretty harshly (I guess I never knew how to let a guy down easily).  It's also probably the reason why I didn't have many dates.
Describe your most serious boyfriend from high school?  Starcrossed
Describe your first kiss:  Sloppy Firsts - I'm describing my first kiss that involved tongue.  Too much and slimy, yuck...
Your philosophy on dating/love:  Shiver - Who wants to think about love and dating, I don't need a guy to complete me (this is coming from a 16-year-old who got married 5 years later to her high school sweetheart).
Describe Your Worst Break Up:  Dead to the World - So I was the instigator in the break up; I still learned the hard way that trying to force feelings away doesn't really work.


Your relationship with your mom as a teen:  Hunting Ground - My mom and I fought pretty hard.  In fact, most of the stupid things I did then were to piss her off.
Your relationship with your dad as a teen:  Want - My dad lived in Georgia.  I kind of didn't have a everyday relationship with him until I was moved to Georgia my senior year.
Your relationship with a sibling:  Once We Were - My brother and I kind of lived in our own worlds once he became a teen.  We kind of quit acknowledging each other.
What you thought about your parents rules/parenting style:  Crewel - Read it phonetically: it was cruel...


Describe you and your best friend at 16:  Bad to the Bone
Your Social Status:  Splintered - I had friends; I just tried not to rely on them too much.
Describe Your Group Of Friends:  Strange Angels


Your Perception Of High School Upon Entering:  Legend - All the perceptions I had of high school came from movies involving twenty something actors that had much better-looking bodies than I had in high school.  So high school was ruined for me...
Your relationship with academics:  Dark Triumph - I didn't really pay attention in high school.  I did my homework in class.  And if I was below an A in math, it's because I didn't turn in my homework.  Yes, I could do math in my head and without practice.
Your Weekends Were:  Every Day - There came a time where I quit caring about school.  Once I got the scholarship for college, I quit caring about classes.
If Your High School Life Was A Movie It would be called:  Life as We Knew It

A Class You Wish High School Would Have Offered:  The Diviners
Your Senior Year Was:  The Fault in Our Stars - Senior year was all about me trying to accept who I was and who my parents were.  They weren't the perfect things I made them out to be as a kid.  So it was a lot of acceptance from both parties (after fighting).
Describe prom:  Beautiful Creatures
When High School Ended It Was:  Pivot Point

The Future

How You Felt About The Prospect of College:  Delirium - I had no idea how I was paying for it, but I was going to go to college if my life depended on it.
How You Thought Your Life Would Be At 26 (insert whatever age you are now):  Life is But a Dream - I thought I'd be still living in Utah and probably on my second baby.  Instead, I'm in Wisconsin and afraid of kids.

Your Life Now

Describe Your Love Life Now:  Evertrue
Describe The State Of Your Friendship With Your High School BFF:  Glimmer - We still chat online, but we have our own lives to live.
Your Relationship With Your Parents Now:  The Night She Disappeared - I love my parents, but we're living our own lives in different states.  They still have kids to raise.  So I'm okay with a 'hello' every once in a while.
Your Thoughts On Your High School Reunion (either if you had it or if it’s upcoming):  I am Legend - It's going to be (wait for it, wait for it): legendary.  Hahahahaha...

Biggest Lesson You Learned In High School:  Truth
One Thing You WISHED You Had Learned:  Where She Went
Advice You Wish You Could Have Given Your Teen Self:  A Need So Beautiful
Something You Could Learn From Your 16 Year Old Self:  This is not a Test

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  1. Excellent picks!
    I'm really impressed that you play the piano well with amniotic band syndrome. I know some people have it worse than others, but I still think it's impressive regardless.
    I also did this survey if you want to take a look -


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