Friday, August 23, 2013

Glass Frost by Liz DeJesus

Genre:  YA Fantasy
First Frost Series, Book 2

Description (taken from Liz DeJesus' website):
When joined together, Cinderella's slippers grant the wearer her heart's desire. But whose wish will be granted? 

When Cinderella’s glass slipper is stolen, Queen Felicia sends her faithful steward Terrance to the real world to retrieve his love and witch-in-training, Bianca Frost. The power of the glass slipper, when paired with its mate, and in the wrong hands, could ruin the peace of Everafter. Bianca must gather every bit of magic she has learned in the past few weeks to find the slipper and protect her new love. Together, Bianca, Ming, Prince Ferdinand, and Terrance venture deep into the heart of Everafter to seek clues as to who has stolen the slipper and why. Along the way, they uncover what happened to the Seven Dwarves after Snow White married the prince, but also learn the awful risk of tampering with black magic and the high price that must be paid for magic, even when used for good.

Bianca and Terrance’s relationship is put to the test. Through the pain of suffering and loss, Bianca must determine if following her gallant boyfriend into his faraway world is in fact her heart's desire.

First, we followed Bianca into Everafter as she unwrapped the secrets of her family history, the history of Snow White that is.  And now we get to enter another fairy tale: Cinderella.  Although we still get to see other fairy tales woven into the story, and we're still a little bit focused on Snow White's fairy tale.

When Bianca is requested to appear before Queen Felicia, Prince Ferdinand's mother, she is allowed to go to Everafter as long as her sidekick, Ming, goes with her.  And we trust Ming to not let adventure get the best of her because she'd rather be alive to see the world instead of dive headfirst into danger.  And we've got the gorgeous Terrance; is loving him enough to leave your life behind you?  Bianca begins to try to answer this question as she looks to the future, will it involve him and Everafter?  And of course we've got the quirky Prince Ferdinand, who sometimes has the least sense of all until you really need it.

This series is a happy-go-lucky fairy tale adventure, from the big bad wolf to fairies to Cinderella's slipper.  The first book had to take some time setting up the characters and the setting.  And now that that was taken care of, this story was able to begin right from the start.  So I seemed to enjoy it more.  There are some dark things that happen on Bianca's quest, but good tends to prevail all in the end.  And sometimes you need a good story with a good ending; it gives us hope in our own lives (or just makes us feel good).

I'd recommend this series to those looking for a happy fairy tale adventure.  Those who swoon over true love's kiss.  And tend to like quirky characters.

Thanks goes to Liz DeJesus for providing me a review copy.

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