Sunday, August 25, 2013

Goddess by Josephine Angelini

Genre:  YA Mythology
Starcrossed Series, Book 3

Description (taken from Josephine Angelini's website):
After accidentally unleashing the gods from their captivity on Olympus, Helen must find a way to re-imprison them without starting a devastating war. But the gods are angry, and their thirst for blood already has a body count.

To make matters worse, the Oracle reveals that a diabolical Tyrant is lurking among them, which drives a wedge between the once-solid group of friends. As the gods use the Scions against one another, Lucas's life hangs in the balance. Still unsure whether she loves him or Orion, Helen is forced to make a terrifying decision, for war is coming to her shores.

Um, so the only reason this is not getting 5 stars is because I had to wait a whole year between the second and third one (two years between the first and third).  A lot happens; I forget things, and I really don't have enough time to reread books before the final release.  So, I was lost for the first hundred pages trying to remember who was who.  To end my trilogy rant: I really wish publishers would release books in a series within a couple of months of each other.  I'd probably have a better time remembering the story and liking the book more.

Anywho, back to the Scions battling the gods.  This story puts an interesting twist on past-lives and who looks like who, and who's supposed to do what in the grand scheme of things.  There were some moments where I got confused and had to second guess what I was reading, but my mythology-fantasy-crazed mind quickly told that logical-thinking part to shut up and disappear.

And we finally get more of that love story that we've been dying for since the first book.  Gah, Lucas and Helen.  Finally!!!!!  Although I wish I had seen a bit more of Morpheus here.  I don't know.  The ending was epic.  I loved it, and it actually ended things for the most part.  A very satisfactory ending.

Now that the series is over, what other mythology books can I read?  Loved these books...

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  1. Glad to hear the third book was great. The author didn't do any recaps at all? That really sucks! I loved the first book in this series, but wasn't a huge fan of the second one. I hope I enjoy this one as much as you did. I agree that a year is a long time to remember things, and I often forget too, but it takes a long time to write and edit the books. Also, publishers aren't going to buy all three books (generally) before seeing how the first one does. It still sucks for us readers, though! Anyway, great review :)

    Amber @ Fall Into Books


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