Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ripper by Amy Carol Reeves

Genre:  YA Historical Paranormal
Ripper Series, Book 1

Description (taken from Amy Carol Reeves' website):
In 1888, following her mother's sudden death, seventeen-year-old Arabella Sharp goes to live with her grandmother in a posh London neighborhood. At her grandmother's request, Abbie volunteers at Whitechapel Hospital, where she discovers a passion for helping the unfortunate women and children there.

But within days, female patients begin turning up brutally murdered at the hands of Jack the Ripper. Even more horrifying, Abbie starts having strange visions that lead her straight to the Ripper's next massacres. As her apparent psychic connection with the twisted killer grows stronger, Abbie is drawn into a deadly mystery involving the murders, her mother's shadowed past, and a secret brotherhood of immortals—who'll stop at nothing to lure Abbie into its "humanitarian" aims.

When Abbi begins her volunteer work, she meets some interesting characters.  There's William, the annoyingly brilliant physician who just knows how to push Abbi's buttons.  And then there's Simon who is one of the nicest and caring physicians at the hospital.  Also Dr. Bartlett, Abbi's boss and mentor while at Whitechapel Hospital.

And then we mix these characters plus a dash of paranormal in with the sensational Ripper brutalities.  And what do we get?  Why this book of course.  But I don't know if it worked for me.  I loved the story telling from Abbi's point of view, and I was able to like the characters a lot.  However I couldn't really mix it with the Ripper action.  There's two scenes that I wasn't able to get over because they hung me up horribly.  One was a romantic scene and the other was an action scene.  I guess I had a hard time believing those scenes.

Anyone who likes young adult fiction and Ripper lore should pick this one up.  Just remember, it's Ripper lore which means there is some gore (but not a lot).  And while I enjoyed the book and had some issues, there are probably a lot more readers out there who enjoyed this read.

Challenges:  Debut Author Challenge and Young Adult Reading Challenge

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