Thursday, August 9, 2012

Math City by Ahmad Amani

Genre:  Adult Fantasy

Note:  Math City is currently free on Smashwords.  So check it out if it catches your interest.

Description (taken from Goodreads):
Monster Number was grossly overweight and had a shaggy body like a mammoth. In the beginning, Monster number could not walk very well and swayed a little, tottering, and falling.

But he was trained for detecting and killing by my father. After a few days, we attacked Math City.

Math City was bombarded, the doors and the walls shaking while the dark shade of the Monster Number came down, covering the city.

Monster Number threw big stones at Math City, one after another, and a like repulsive ghoul crashed through any barrier. And then some horrible explosions happened.

Math City is a short story using numbers and mathematical symbols to tell a story of power, war, and poverty.  I think everyone can somehow relate this story to their own corner of the world's issues.  However, I had a hard time following the broken english.

There are two main characters searching for power: the Lying Line and the Upward Lying Line.  We see a lot of side characters, and the story details how these main characters try to help them and their city.  But in the end, they are motivated by greed, corruption and power.  And as the lowly can rise to power, so can the powerful fall down.

The thought and the story behind the story have a lot of potential to be very powerful.  However, I think the grammatical mistakes held me back, and I kind of wished the story had put more depth to the characters.  This book has comparisons to Animal Farm, but I think another good comparison would be The Good Earth.

This is something I could see people picking up and reading while waiting to see their dentist or doctor in some type of office.  It's a short read and thought-provoking.  I recommend you pick it up when you have an hour to spare (and only if you aren't going to get hung up on the grammar).

Thanks goes to Ahmad Amani for providing me a review copy.

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