Sunday, November 23, 2014

Unraveled by Gennifer Albin

Genre:  YA Dystopian
Crewel World, Book 3

Note:  Reading anything below without having started this series could ruin plots from earlier books.

Description (taken from Goodreads):
Autonomous. Independent. Dangerous. They tried to control her. Now she’ll destroy them.

Things have changed behind the walls of the Coventry and new threats lurk in its twisted corridors. When Adelice returns to Arras, she quickly learns that something rotten has taken hold of the world and Cormac Patton needs her to help him reestablish order. However, peace comes at a terrible price. As the Guild manipulates the citizens of Arras, Adelice discovers that she’s not alone, and she must let go of her past to fight for mankind’s future. She will have to choose between an unimaginable alliance and a deadly war that could destroy everyone she loves.

After spending a couple of months on Earth, Adelice is back in Cormac Patton's clutches.  And she's headed back to Arras where two years have passed.  Enough time to change how things are done.  But the world Adelice enters isn't the one she once left.

When Adelice agrees to go back to Arras with Patton, she believes there's a way to still save Arras and Earth.  But Patton's got something else up his sleeve.  He's not about to let Adelice get the upper hand, ever.  So Adelice must pretend to be the docile creweler that the world will look to for inspiration.  But with all of this suffocation, can Adelice really accomplish what the Whorl is destined to achieve?

Honestly, the second book was my favorite because of all of the explanations.  This one only stated that Arras was worse off than before, but there wasn't enough proof of that.  It was more having Adelice moping about in the Coventry until the action comes along.  And I felt like with trying to have an epic grand finale, so many details and readers' hearts were lost.  I guess what I'm saying is the Adelice in this book did not feel like the same Adelice from the previous two books.

While I'm glad I finished the series, I feel like this is another series where the third book lets me down.  I need something with an epic ending that makes sense and leaves me dumbstruck.


  1. You wrote this a month or so ago so it must seem random for me to comment, but I just finished Unraveled and needed to get other people's opinions on what actually happened in the end. I came across your review, and I kinda feel disappointed and confused like you described, but I can't live without understanding exactly what happened. Any explanation? Thanks and again sorry for being random.

    1. Send me an email (manda-rae(at)manda-rae-reads(dot)com), and I'll see if I can explain. I try not to put plot spoilers (especially the ending) on my blog...


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