Thursday, January 19, 2012

Daphne and the Mysterious Girls Secret Bathroom Society by Robert Shields

Genre:  YA Urban Fantasy

Description (taken from Robert Shields' website):
Following years of persecution at the hands of Vivica Vance, Daphne Downing levels the playing field wielding her No. 2 Ticonderoga pencil as she belatedly enters the world of witchcraft. Daphne becomes part of the Mysterious Girls’ Secret Bathroom Society and finds out that the politics governing witchcraft are daunting and sometimes deadly. She realizes she is aligned with the Charmers in this political battle with the Spiters led by her nemesis, Vivica. Along the way, she discovers that witches do not perform magic or witchcraft but a differentiated form of physics that only some women have mastered. The story deepens as she learns about the long history of witches’ domination and annihilation of wizards.

It felt like entering the persecution of high school all over again.  But with the addition of witchcraft.  There were some really funny moments in this book, and I enjoyed learning more about Daphne's world and her new world of witchcraft.  However, I wanted more.  More explanations about the Daughters of Spite and the Daughters of Charm.  There was a lot of great background about specific witches and wars in the past, but I wanted a better explanation of why witches and wizards are at odds with each other.  And of course, more funny moments.

This was a different read in the fact that it wasn't super-depressing, there were funny moments, and the book wasn't focused on swooning over a boy.  I would recommend it to young teens and tweens (with the assumption that they are accustomed to swear words which weren't used too often in the book).  I will look forward to the next one (because the books will only get better, right?).

Thanks goes to Robert Shields for providing me a review copy of this book.

Challenges:  Young Adult Reading Challenge

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  1. I appreciate you reviewing my book. I'm glad you liked it.



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