Sunday, February 15, 2015

Plague of Angels by John Patrick Kennedy

Genre:  Adult Angels
The Descended Series, Book 1

Description (taken from John Patrick Kennedy's website):
Nyx is Queen of Hell and ruler of the Angels who were banished there – the Descended.

And when the rest of the Angels are called home, Nyx finds herself stuck on the Earth with the Son of God. To her surprise, she learns that he is no happier than she. God's son thought he was sent down to judge humanity. Instead, he becomes a sacrifice for a cause he does not believe in – their redemption.

After his mortal body dies, the Son of God makes Nyx an offer: a new paradise on Earth if she will help him destroy humanity.

With two of her fellow Angels by her side, Nyx launches a thousand-year campaign of violence, sex, betrayal and intrigue to bring down God's people and have them worship her instead. From the back streets of Jerusalem to the palaces of Rome, from the temples of Egypt to the Pope's bedchamber, Nyx and her companions work to destroy the worshippers of God.

But not all is as it seems. And the Son of God has bigger plans than any of them imagine...

Everyone knows the story that divided time.  In fact, there are religions based on this powerful being from our history.  But we've yet to hear the story from an angel's perspective.  When Nyx' timeline clashes with Tribunal, the Son of God, Nyx has a new reason to live.  With his help, she will destroy everything God holds dear in order to make a new paradise.  But will she be queen of this new paradise?

After meeting Tribunal, Nyx falls in love with everything he believes in (which happens to not be anything he stands for).  She becomes one of his followers until his crucifixion.  But he vows to Nyx that he will come back and when he does, he will destroy God for His favoritism over humanity.  We, the humans, are like annoying little ants in the grand scheme of things.  So he uses Nyx to rage war on earth against his followers (or God's followers).  And as time goes on and it looks like paradise is beyond the horizon, Tribunal gives Nyx one last task.  Anything and everything is possible with Tribunal's help, and Nyx will raise hell on earth to get what she wants.

Wow.  This book.  Just wow.  I have to say right from the get-go that if you can't separate this fictional story from an infamous story that may or may not have something to do with your religion, then this book is not for you.  This is like what watching Game of Thrones is like but in words instead  of film (yes, I haven't read the books yet).  There's a lot of adult themes weaved throughout the history we see in this story.  But what makes this book glorious is it wraps the angel's stories around major people in our history and events that made our world the way it's become.  But I think what drug me down was how long it took to get through a thousand years (I felt a little overwhelmed).  But once we got to the part where Nyx meets Tribunal again, things started heating up again.  And while I thought the ending was totally cliché and open-ended, I was still pent-up enough with emotion to want more story.

I am definitely going to say that this book is for a select group of people who don't take offense easily.  And it's not going to be the easiest thing to take in, but you're still going to enjoy this messed-up ride.

Thanks goes to John Patrick Kennedy for providing me a review copy.

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