Monday, May 27, 2013

Author Interview: Yellow Socks and Blood Spots by Bailey J Thompson

Yellow Socks and Blood Spots by Bailey J Thompson
Genre: YA Contemporary

Description (taken from blog tour):
Two lines means pregnant, and pregnant is the very last thing seventeen-year-old Isabelle wanted to be. She’s just beginning her senior year, she’s rekindling the respectable relationship she once had with her family and she has finally fallen in love.

Her boyfriend, Jason wants an abortion, while Isabelle wants to give her baby a chance at life, whether that means adoption or raising her baby herself. Her situation raises a question of values, beliefs, rights, societal expectations and personal opinions, and as Isabelle’s friends and family discover the news, they seem to think they know what’s best for her and her baby. Within two weeks of finding out about their beautiful disaster, Isabelle and Jason have to come to a mutual agreement and make a life and death decision.

Bailey J Thompson Interview

Q:  Vanilla or Chocolate? 
A:  Vanilla

Q:  Summer or Winter? 
A:  Summer

Q:  Driving or flying? 
A:  Driving

Q:  Early bird or night owl? 
A:  Night owl that loves mornings. How did that happen?

Q:  Batman or Superman? 

Q:  Truth or dare? 
A:  Truth

Q:  Computer games or board games? 
A:  Board games

Q:  Photographer or photographee?
A:   Photographer

Q:  Age you received your first kiss? 
A:  Thirteen

Q:  Favorite sport to watch? 
A:  I LOVE to watch runners... I tried to be one at one point too... didn't go over so well.

Q:  Favorite quote? 
A:  “We're in a giant car heading towards a brick wall and everyones arguing over where they're going to sit” - David Suzuki

Q: What are you afraid of? 
A:  Spiders. Small spaces. Clothes that are too tight.

Q: Favorite book? 
A:  Lightning - Dean Koontz

Q:  Describe your book in two sentences. 
A:  Abortion is the clashing of rights; human rights and women's rights, but ultimately nobody will ever be right. Yellow Socks and Blood Spots was written to create perspective and start a conversation. 

Q:  Who is your book meant to be read by? 
A:  Young Adults

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