Thursday, March 21, 2013

Vortex by Julie Cross

Genre:  YA Paranormal Romance
Tempest Series, Book 2

Description (taken from Julie Cross' website):
Jackson Meyer has thrown himself into his role as an agent for Tempest, the shadowy division of the CIA that handles all time-travel-related threats. Despite his heartbreak at losing the love of his life, Jackson has proved himself to be an excellent agent. However, after an accidental run in with Holly—the girl he altered history to save—Jackson is once again reminded of what he's lost. And when Eyewall, an opposing division of the CIA, emerges, Jackson and his fellow agents not only find themselves under attack, but Jackson begins to discover that the world around him has changed and someone knows about his erased relationship with Holly, putting both their lives at risk all over again.

Even though this book deals with a bit of time travel which causes it to be considered paranormal, a bit of romance which causes it to be a heart-ache story, it feels more like an action novel.  The first fifty pages or so kind of set everything up which causes it to be a little slow at first.  But once the gun goes off, we're racing against time to figure everything out and save the ones we love.

We have Jackson again, the time traveler.  He's left his old reality to enter a new one where he doesn't know Holly, the love interest.  Only problem is, Holly slowly begins to creep up into his life again.  A life that involves the CIA, a lot of lies, a lot of intrigue, and situations where things can go majorly wrong.  As Jackson begins to form attachments, he begins to find answers that just leave him with more questions.

Did I enjoy this book?  Yes.  But it feels like a second novel.  I'm left with so many questions.  And these questions probably aren't going to follow me through to the third novel.  And that ending was a major cliff hanger.  Just when it was getting good, it ends on me...  And the whole time traveling thing gets confusing after a while.  You have to really be invested in the story in order to follow the plot and the timelines.

I believe fans of Tempest will enjoy this one.  It's kind of like an anti-romance novel while still being a romance novel (maybe it's a heart-ache novel).  Although I think I'd recommend readers wait until the third one comes out, so they don't hit the cliffhanger like I did.

Challenges:  Paranormal Reading Challenge

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